August 18-21 | St. Clair, MO

@ Darkening of the Sun Festival

See what says about St. Clair and the upcoming eclipse:

St. Louis lies on the northeastern edge of the eclipse path, so it won’t offer much in the way of length of totality. Instead, head southwest roughly 50 miles via Interstate 44 to the center line in St. Clair, a town of some 5,000 residents. If you can book a room there, great. If not, St. Louis offers thousands.

Eclipse starts: 11:48:33 a.m. CDT
Eclipse ends: 2:43:29 p.m. CDT
Maximum eclipse: 1:17:04 p.m. CDT
Sun’s altitude at maximum eclipse: 63.4°
Duration of totality: 2 minutes, 40 seconds
Width of the Moon’s shadow:
70.8 miles (114km)


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2016-05-19 18_47_58-(1) Stone Sugar Shakedown
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2016-05-19 18_47_36-(1) Stone Sugar Shakedown
SSS @ Cicero's, St. Louis